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About Me

allynhane-1345511849_600I’m Allyn and I’m the craft beer drinking, lawn loving, gray-haired guy who makes these videos for ya’ll. I’m a nut for sure – a bit off-centered and turning more and more eccentric as I age. I am aware of this fact – and don’t care 🙂

I started my first “lawn business” in 1987 at the age of 14 because I wanted to make some money to take my girlfriend to the movies. My first lawn mower was a bright orange Sears push mower…

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Treatment Schedule

lawn treatment scheduleThis is the lawn treatment schedule that I have developed based on my experiences with lawn applications over the years. In this series of lawn videos, I chose a lawn in Crown Point, Indiana to work on throughout the season to show you exactly what to add to the lawn step-by-step during the entire year. It starts in early April and carries you into later fall. However, typically, I would start the program sometime in mid March…

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Lawn Fertilizing Guide

lawn stripingThese two lawn videos are designed to teach you two of the foundational principles of “How To Fertilize The Lawn.” It’s great if you think you know how to apply lawn products, but don’t you want to know that you are truly doing it properly? In addition, you want to ensure that you are not only applying correctly, but that you are applying at the proper rates to get the correct results. Follow this lawn fertilizing guide to ensure a proper application every time!

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