Fall Recovery Program

This is my step-by-step Fall recovery program for your lawn. This program is designed for those of you looking to start your lawn treatment schedule in the fall rather than the spring. Which, just so you know, is a very smart way to go. We’ve been conditioned over the years to think that spring is the best time to start, but from what I know, fall is actually a bit better. This is because turf grass strengthens its root system in the fall time – and a strong root system will create a strong top growth next year in the spring – and strong root systems supporting strong top growth can resist all other problems your lawn may encounter. Another video that is very helpful is one I did on “How To Aerate Your Lawn.”

So with that in mind, here is my fall recovery program for your lawn. In this series, I work with Junior Lawn Care Nut, Levi Arvin on his lawn in NW Indiana.

Introduction to Fall Lawn Recovery Program

Step #1 – Aeration, Fertilizer, Seeding, Weed Control

This is the most labor intensive step of the Fall Lawn Recovery Program. It starts with core aeration, continues with two steps of fertilization, some grass seed and then ends with zone sprayed liquid weed control. This step can be accomplished at anytime you can pull good cores with the aerator – typically September throughout the Midwest.

Fall Lawn Recovery Steps #2 and #3

This is the final video in our fall recovery program. You can see our “before and after” is very dramatic.
The keys are:
1) aeration – aerate the lawn with a true core aerator and get as many plugs pulled as possible.
2) starter fert  then organic fert- good nutrients, builds soil and root structure
3) fall time weather – cooler, good root growth, moisture
4) seeding – adding grass seed just speeds up the process
5) mow tall – once it starts to grow, mow tall!
You can do this, I know you can!


  1. paul fox

    what is the next step in your fall recovery program or step 2

  2. Rob Killoran

    Hi Allyn
    I was wondering what you do about weeds. Here in good ol Ontario, Canada, we can not use any pesticides. (Our new provincial flower is the dandilion). Any tips on weeding, i have found the only way to do it is by yanking them out – no tricks. but i thought i’d check with you to see if you have any tips


    • Hey Rob- yeah I know that you guys do have strict laws there. When I worked for TruGreen, our Canadian offices purchased weed pickers and charged by the hour to “weed pick” the lawn. That’s really your only option at this point. Now, you could try, with some very careful spraying, this trick I use here on Creeping Charlie (just don’t use the weed control) http://youtu.be/SQcqr0pi-yc

  3. Hi Allyn- What temps should I be looking for to start your fall recovery program? I live in the south and temps here are a little on the warm side still. Average temp is in the 90s during the day and mid 80’s in the evening.

  4. Hi Allyn- What temps should I look for when starting your fall recovery program? I am in the south and plan to overseed with fescue. The temps here are still in low 90s during the day and mid 80s at night.

  5. Hi Mr Lawn Care.
    I have enjoyed all your advise to Lawn Care, Awesome. However, during a recent video of you Spring Fertilizer 03/22/2015, you have decided to sale your house. Where do you plan on to relocate? You have been awesome inspiration to all.
    Good luck with the move.

  6. Hey Allyn,

    I just found your videos and starting subscribing. Very good and clean cut videos. I see you recommend Milorganite for a Fall winterizer. I normally have always used Scotts winterizer which has much higher numbers. Does Milorganite make other products or just that one organic lawn fertilizer with 4% iron? I was going to try that this year and wanted to see your thoughts on Scotts winterizer vs. Miloganite as a as a final step for the season? I live in South Jersey and have a tall fescue blend lawn.


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