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lawn treatment scheduleThis is the lawn treatment schedule that I have developed based on my experiences with lawn applications over the years. In this series of lawn videos, I chose a lawn in Crown Point, Indiana to work on throughout the season to show you exactly what to add to the lawn step-by-step during the entire year. It starts in early April and carries you into later fall. However, typically, I would start the program sometime in mid March… – but the year I did this, 2013, was a very late spring.

This program will work just about anywhere in the US and Canada, although, I aim it mostly at midwest and eastern cool season grasses. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments below. My videos on “how to fertilize the lawn” will also be helpful.

Lawn Treatment Step #1

Lawn Treatment Step #1.5 (update)

Lawn Treatment Step #2

Lawn Treatment Step #3

Lawn Treatment Step #4 – final step

Project Lawn the Following Spring


  1. Pat petrelli

    We had newly graded area seeded this spring. It honk it was seeded too late ( june in nj)and the grass only grew successfully in the shaded areas. Now most of the area is covered with crab grass and has some bare spots. Not sure if this can be rescued or if we should apply round up and start over? Would appreciate your advice.

    Love your videos

    Thank Pat

  2. William Taboada

    You should make a video on St.. Agustine grass since it is a little different form seeded lawns.

  3. Frederick

    Hello Allyn, I truly enjoyed your Lawn treatment program videos. they were very helpful and educational. One question, in the step 2 process you spoke about the liquid weed control: what kind or brand of liquid weed product should I use?
    Thank you, and keep up the great work.

  4. Frederick Cartwright

    Great information

  5. Frederick Cartwright

    Hello Allyn, your lawn treatment program videos are educational and helpful. I truly enjoyed the information you presented. Question: in the step 2 process of your video, you spoke about liquid weed control, so what kind or brand of liquid weed control should I use?
    Thank you and keep up the great work.

  6. Try using only One Ap, with One-Ap, Once A Year Fertilizer! You should still be spot treating weeds, but other than that you will be set up with enough nitrogen to keep you’re lawn green all year!

  7. Chris lord

    Agreed with most everything the lawn nut said outside of the lack of the winterizer application.I’ve Been maintaining lawns for 19 years here in CT and the research and results I’ve witnessed is the late fall fertilizer treatment is probably the most important of them all. Until the ground is rock hard frozen solid the grass plant is very much vigorously growing. The plant won’t devote energy towards top growth just deep root growth. In CT THE ground isn’t frozen typically til after new years day so a good last shot of fertilizer around Halloween will send your lawn to bed fat and happy! What you don’t want to do is apply a high nitrogen fertilizer closer towards Christmas,this will permote snow mold which isn’t the end of the wored but unsightly.

  8. Aaron Wood

    I get moles like you can’t imagine. Only yard in the neighborhood. I want to follow your step by step program, what can I do. Also want to know if I should thatch and aerote this year. A couple of areas of the yard the ground is very hard and wouldn’t stay green.

    Thank you

  9. Allyn,

    Love your videos. I am having some trouble finding the Lesco brand dimension .10 with just the potash. HD had Dimension but it was 19-0-7 is it still safe to use this and put down the ringer organic fertilizer at the same time? Any other suggestions of different brand names for crab grass pre-emergent. Unfortunately I don’t have a John Deere Landscapes near where I live.

  10. Allyn: I live about 20 miles south of Indianapolis and it has been in the mid to upper 60’s for the last two weeks. With the temps higher this spring when should the pre emergent for crabgrass be put out?

    My grass is really green and looks like we are about a month ahead on temps than we should be.


  11. I’ve aerated removing core plugs and Aerify, laid down milorganite, lime et cetera but got a weak showing lawn until I saw you putting starter fertilizer down. So, I did I spread it around this year, boom did the lawn come alive! Thanks! Oh, and I am seriously dominating my neighbor’s lawn!
    Arlington Forest

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